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WIDE ezCalAutomatic Image Calibration

WIDE’s Image Quality Assurance System (IQAS) ensures optimal on-screen performance through a combination of processes : an embedded IQ-Sensor®, Self-Brightness Control (SBC), and bundled DICOM calibration software ezCal™. IQAS maintains image quality, performance, and automates QA tasks such as DICOM 3.14 calibration and conformance.

  • 1.ezCal™ is easy to use, with an intuitive graphic user interface and familiar confi guration settings.
  • 2.ezCal™ has an auto-tracking feature to help identify where the monitor is located in a facility.
  • 3.ezCal™ supports all of the latest requirements associated with DIN6868-157 and AAPM TG18.
  • 4.ezCal™ has been confi gured to work with WIDE displays. It runs extremely fast and maintains precise image appearance.
  • 5.ezCal™ is ready for future requirements.
  • 6.ezCal™ generates user-friendly test reports in PDF or Excel.
  • WIDE ezCal Display Calibration and Management

    Display Calibration and Management
    • DICOM 3.14 GSDF
    • Calibration
    • Conformance test
    • Grayscale uniformity test
    • Color temperature test and adjustment
  • WIDE ezCal Network Administration

    Network Administration
    • Simultaneous calibration
    • Alert functions (e-mail notifi cation of error)
    • Power supply watch
    • Security control
    • Scheduling administration